Utah Is Quite An Interesting State

Utah can be quite an interesting state if you ever get to visit it in person. Its neighbors of Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona are sometimes more famous, or just more well-traveled, but that does not mean that Utah is the rural desert space that so many assume it to be.

That’s not to say Utah doesn’t have desert, as it certainly does, but that’s not all there is to it. Salt Lake City is certainly not a desert, and it’s most definitely not devoid of people. The area is home to hundreds of thousands in fact. The city is considered somewhat remote, given the hundreds of miles between it and the next largest city, which is Denver by most estimates. However, Salt Lake City is large enough to support an NBA franchise, the Utah Jazz.

Salt Lake City of course sits next to a feature of Utah that few other places in the world can also say they have, which is the combination of Salt Lake itself and the salty flats around it. There’s actually quite a nice beach here, despite being so far from any continental coast. The flats are also famous places for races and land-speed records, as well as the occasional movie that gets filmed here.

The rest of the state is far from sand. Vast forests, canyons, mountain slopes, and epic valleys provide some of the nation’s best hunting, camping, skiing, rafting, and snowboarding. Utah is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, and many flock here every time they get a chance to, even sometimes entire summers. Of those that do so, a hardy few choose to stay permanently, joining this state as lifetime residents.

Given the easy access Utah residents have to other Western states and their magnificence, it’s no wonder residents love it here.