Utah Is Not On My Radar Anymore

I am one of those people who believes in chasing love whenever it seems to come around. As a result, I have no problem in starting relationships with people who live in other areas of the US. In 2007, I met a woman who stole my heart and I planned to head to Utah and spend the rest of my life with her.

Looking back on this time in my life, I find the whole thing to be absolutely absurd. The idea of me moving across the country on a whim to be with a woman I had never met was some kind of sick fantasy. Add this to the fact that I am used to living in a very large metropolitan city and it was probably not a good idea.

I remember her telling me that Utah is nothing like you would imagine it to be. In my mind, all I see are Mormons walking around all over the place with Pilgrim looking outfits on. She says that this is not the way it is at all, but part of me wants to believe that this is true.

A few months ago, someone told me that there are many great sushi restaurants in Utah. I think the fact that this is a landlocked place makes that seem very odd to me. On one hand I know that fish can be frozen and/or shipped from other places, but on the other, this seems like an alien concept.

Now that I am no longer with her, the idea of moving to that area has never crossed my mind. Despite the fact that love may call me from all directions, this is not a place that I can see myself moving to in order to start a new life.