Three Of The Top Restaurants In Salt Lake City UT

Salt Lake City is the destination in Utah if you have never been. There are plenty of other great cities, but Salt Lake City is #1 and the capital city after all. There are many great things to do there, and there are also many great places to eat. It’s about time we looked at three of the best restaurants in the city of Salt Lake City UT.

Cafe Zupas is located on East 300 South, and the sandwiches they serve look do delicious in the pictures. Cafe Zupas is known for much more than sandwiches though. Reviews mention soups, lobster bisque, chocolate covered strawberries and much more. One other part of the review highlights that stands out is the fact that this cafe has plenty of healthy food options.

Vertical Diner is up next, and this establishment is located on West 900 South. The streets for these two restaurants make you think about places in the rural county areas and not city areas. That is interesting because it is very rural and laid back in many areas of Utah, but of course Salt Lake City is the capital city as mentioned. Vertical Diner is said to be great for Vegans, and the picture of the Vegan burger and fries looks really delicious.

Lamb’s Grill is the third Salt Lake City UT restaurant that I want to mention. Lamb’s Grill is on South Main Street, and you can order up lamb shanks, salmon, ham and eggs and a lot more. One reviewer claims that this establishment is the oldest restaurant in Utah. That is very interesting, and it makes you think you at least have to try it out, right? I would say that out of these three Salt Lake City UT restaurants, Lamb’s Grill would get my vote for the first visit.