Cedar City Utah Restaurants That Should Get Your Attention

Hop on over to Utah with me and see if you don’t find yourself enjoying a meal at one of these fine establishments. I see a pizza joint is ranked #1 in the city we are going to visit, so I’m definitely game for that. We are going to be in Cedar City, UT, and it is a nice little city to visit. With just over 110 restaurants, it’s going to help you to know three of the best for sure.

One if them, Centro Woodfired Pizzeria, is the pizza joint I was talking about. It’s not just one of the best, it is the best. It is located on West Center Street, and if you saw a picture of their pizza like I did, then you would be there like, 30 minutes ago. In all seriousness, it is looking good, and it would be nice if there was a Centro Woodfired Pizzeria near me right now.

Next up is Pastry Pub, which is the #3 ranked restaurant, not the #2 one, but I had to get to it right away. The Pastry Pub is just such a delicious name. Maybe it’s just me, but I love pastries. Plus, the pub added to the name makes it sound like there is going to be a huge variety of pastries. I know, you were probably thinking brews, but this Center Street restaurant is known for pastries and sandwiches.

I skipped down some more notches for this one because I haven’t had the chance to review a Mexican restaurant lately. Brody’s Mexican Restaurant is located on Sage Drive, and it is known for its street tacos and all kinds of other delicious favorites. Quesadillas, fajitas and much more await as you get your fill here. Well look at that, we are out of time again. Join us next time for another look at some more restaurants.