Salt Lake Housing Special Deals That Are Available Now

Moving into the Salt Lake area may require you to find housing. You may not have a house or apartment yet. Trying to find a place to live is not that easy. There are many apartments and houses, but you have to find an excellent deal. Most of us are on some type of a budget, therefore you need to be very selective as you are looking at what is available. You should have no problem at all finding these special deals that are available using the following tips.

Where You Find Excellent Salt Lake Housing Deals?

Special deals are almost always available on the web. If you are looking for an apartment, there are apartment finder websites that will showcase the most affordable ones. If you are looking for houses, there are also rental websites for single-family homes. There will be a couple of different ones that you can choose from, and once you have selected a few that are very affordable, it’s time to submit your information. You will soon have the ability to move into either an apartment or a single-family home that you can afford because of the low rent.

Start Your Research Today For Salt Lake Housing

Your housing can be found very quickly using online services. Additionally, you should be able to find several that are in the local paper that are advertising their openings. You can talk directly to people that own the properties, or the apartment manager. They will be able to tell you how to submit your application. As long as you have a job, and you have good credit, you should have no problem getting approved for one of these places to live in Salt Lake City that will be the perfect size for you.

Salt Lake City, UT

West Valley City/Kearns/Taylorsville/Magna sits 9 miles to the west of Salt Lake City. The suburban area consists of large patches of residential developments that contain both single-family homes and apartment complexes. Featuring a suburban feel and designed with drivers in mind, the area attracts families who want an affordable cost of living, a family-friendly lifestyle and a convenient commute into the city.

Explore the Neighborhood

Living in Kearns
Restaurants Restaurants sit along the busy roads of the West Valley City/Kearns/Taylorsville/Magna area. Predominately cheap to mid-price options include Thai, Vietnamese, Latin American and a range of other ethnic restaurants alongside burger joints, pizza parlors and steakhouses. For breakfast, check out Utah’s favorite scones at the Sconecutter. This eatery sells sweet breakfast scones such as the raspberry butter scone, but it also has sandwiches on homemade bread, pita wraps and Navajo tacos. Slurp a thick ice cream or yogurt smoothie with your meal. For dinner, locals enjoy Rincon Salvadoreno. Located next to an apartment complex, this restaurant serves Salvadorian food. If you’ve never tried it before, taste test your way through the combo plate featuring pupusa, tamal empanada, fried plantain and a milk and banana dessert. For evening entertainment, locals head to the Fox Hole, Copper Creek Pub and Grub or one of the other sports bars or brew pubs in the area. Fox Hole sits in a strip mall and has a neon sign in the window declaring “No kids This ain’t Chili’s ” This dive bar has a small crowd of regulars, burgers some rave about while others complain, and cheap drinks. For craft beers in an upscale atmosphere, head to the Copper Creek Pub and Grub. This brew pub welcomes families, has a long list of high quality beers and features a hearty menu of pub grub. For more exciting nightlife options, revelers must leave the suburban area and head to central Salt Lake City for clubs such as Area 51 and The Hotel / Club Elevate. History On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and his company arrived in Salt Lake City and established the Mormon Church in the area. They named the river running through the area the Jordan River after the Biblical river of the same name. Initially, only a few farms existed west of the river, but Young proposed the west valley would eventually house millions of inhabitants. Although the West Valley City/Kearns/Taylorsville/Magna areas still have yet to reach that number, the area became increasing populated over the years. It experienced booms in the 1920s when paved roads linked the area to SLC and again after WWII as suburban developments emerged in the area. Designed quickly, the area became home to many multifamily developments. For arts and culture, locals head to the Leonardo in Salt Lake City. This museum hosts art and science exhibits, including traveling displays such as Body Worlds and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Transportation West Valley City/Kearns/Taylorsville/Magna residents enjoy free parking spots throughout residential and commercial areas. Highway-201 and Interstate-215 run through the area, providing drivers with convenient access to I-15 into downtown. Buses connect the area to downtown Salt Lake City. Riders can take buses the entire journey, or they can jump on the train from Redwood Junction Station to Temple Square Station. Walkers enjoy safety in the area, but it isn’t a walkable community. For bicyclists, the area has safe streets and dedicated biking paths, and maintaining a 10 mph pace, bicyclists can even commute into the city in less than an hour via the Jordan River Parkway. Cabs and Uber cars serve the area. Rather than trying to hail a ride in the street, call in advance to arrange a ride.
In the Kearns area, residents find a slightly lower cost of living than the metro area average. In this neighborhood, one-bedroom apartments rent for $710 per month, $41 less than the metro average. Taking the bus from the area to Salt Lake City costs less than $3, and riders can buy a daily pass for $6. Area gas stations price their gas at 8 percent less than the national average, and you can pick up a pint in a local pub for $3 to $5. Shoppers in and around Kearns have access to numerous shops at the Valley Fair Mall. The mall has a diverse crowd, and nearly half its stores are independently owned. Many national chain stores line Interstate-15, the most popular shopping corridor in the area, but a few specially shops and boutiques exist throughout the area as well. All the Rage Boutique sells fashion-forward clothing. Its hip space features pink walls, trendy jeans hung with matching shirts and a great selection of jewelry. For upscale furnishings and decor, shoppers head to The Black Goose Design. This shop carries everything from furniture and rugs to chandeliers, and it has decorators, designers and personal shoppers on staff to help patrons find the perfect items for their living spaces. For groceries, locals shop at one of the large chain grocery stores in the area, such as Harmon’s or the Walmart Supercenter, or they head to specialty shops such as the Vientiane Oriental Market. In the summer and winter, you can visit the Wasatch Front Farmer’s Market to check out local produce and artisan fare. The West Valley City/Kearns/Taylorsville/Magna area contains many parks and spaces for outdoor recreation. One of the largest in the area, Oquirrh Park features baseball diamonds, soccer fields, a skate park and a BMX track. Next door to the park, the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center offers indoor workout opportunities, including swimming. The fitness center charges daily admission of $3 to $4 per person and has membership plans available. Neighborhood parks in Taylorsville including Azure Meadows and Bennion have playgrounds with swings and slides. Also in Taylorsville, Millrace Park hosts a fenced-in off-leash area for dogs, and the park also has a playground and paths for jogging or walking. For outside entertainment, locals head to Pioneer Park in central Salt Lake City for the twilight concert series. Held annually in July and August, this city-hosted event features free music from a range of bands.

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Housing Market is HOT

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) It’s home buying and home building season, and demand is up right now.

The Salt Lake Home Builders Association joined Fresh Living today to talk about how demand is much higher than supply in Utah right now.

“If we stopped building homes right now, in 24 days we’d be out of homes to sell,” explained Jaren Davis, of the Salt Lake Home Builders Association.

Salt Lake Home Builders Association is also announcing a brand new show on KUTV coming up.

Watch the segment for more information, or visit their website

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Salt Lake City

Utah’s capital has spent most of two centuries watching the rest of the country’s big cities grow up. It’s been learning, editing, building. Salt Lake City is laid back like Seattle but it’s sunny here five days a week. It’s folksy like Boston without a weird accent. (Well…) Salt Lake has theaters, theatres and restaurants like New York but rent for a Brooklyn studio will get you 3,000 square feet here. It’s got mountains like… where? Geneva? but without all the equivocating. Four pro sports teams, four ski resorts, three freeways and twelve apostles. Everything you need; nothing you don’t. Read more…

Guide for Renting Apartments Salt Lake City

Guide for Renting Apartments Salt Lake City

There are many people who are happy to call Salt Lake City home. Some of those people are going to own their own property but others have seen the benefits of renting apartments Salt Lake City has to offer. If you are interested in doing so, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, your budget should always be a priority. According to national statistics, you should be spending a maximum of 20% of your monthly income on rent. There are some cases where you might be able to stretch things a little further but for the most part, you should stay within this limit. After all, you don’t want to be strapped for cash every month.

Something else to consider are the amenities that may be available to you when renting apartments Salt Lake City offers. In some cases, you would have access to a number of options, including a gym or a swimming pool on the property. Keep in mind that you will likely pay more for those additions but they can be well worth the money if you plan on using them regularly.

Have you considered the location of the apartment? It would hardly be a convenient choice if you had to travel long distances to work or to get the kids to school. Choosing a location near to what you do often can save you a lot of time and frustration.

These are a few of the considerations for renting an apartment in the area of Salt Lake City. Take your time and see what the city has to offer. If you have questions, ask a real estate agent, as they can often give you necessary guidance. When you make the right choice of where to live, you can be happy in your home.